Ceramic barbecues – versatile and efficient.

The kamado is a truly special type of ceramic barbecue and an ideal choice if you like variety and enjoy trying new things. Invented in Asia, it combines the best of multiple worlds by acting as a hot-air oven, griddle, cooker and smoker all in one. What makes it really stand out is its ceramic body, which stores and then re-releases the heat, making much more efficient use of the energy created by burning wood charcoal. This ceramic barbecue also allows you to cook at different temperatures: for example, you can cook pulled pork at 90°C over several hours or home-made pizza at over 300°C, creating crispy results in no time at all. The adjustable air inlet allows to you set and maintain the perfect temperature for every dish.
It’s an all-round performer that adds something special.

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Ceramic barbecue


Our ceramic wood charcoal barbecues are available in three sizes, but whichever your choose – S, M or L – all the MARWIN models are designed for versatile barbecuing and have a stainless steel grilling rack, adjustable ventilation and a built-in thermometer. A buffer spring in the hinge ensures that the lid closes smoothly. To clean it, all you need to do is empty the ash collector.

The small MARWIN S is the perfect solution if you want to use this versatile piece of equipment while you’re away from home, for example. Its size allows it to fit neatly into your luggage while still offering all the advantages of the larger models.

In addition to their larger grilling racks, the bigger M and L models also score highly with their deflector stone for indirect grilling, folding wooden side tables and stable base frame with smooth-running wheels.

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