Grilling with charcoal –
the classic choice

Old school but still cool.

The oldest form of barbecuing has lost none of its fascination. And, of course, the ceremony of lighting the barbecue is an essential part of the event – friendly company, chatting and toasting, all lit by a warm glow. That’s what a charcoal barbecue is all about.

From the classic kettle barbecue to the party-ready XL barbecue on wheels, JAMESTOWN provides everything you need to grill with charcoal – for more variety and a completely unique grilling experience with amazing smoky flavours.

Dexter badge

Charcoal barbecue


The classic charcoal barbecue that everyone loves! The lid feature allows the kettle to reach the desired cooking temperature significantly faster, and the large cooking compartment can even hold entire roasts. The DEXTER kettle barbecue comes in two sizes: 45 or 57 cm in diameter. From the top-quality ceramic-enamelled kettle to the heat protection on the lid and the integrated thermometer, everything has been carefully designed down to the last detail. The grilling rack can be simply folded up to the side, making it easy to add more coal – even during grilling. Your kettle barbecue can also be transformed into a pizza oven, wok or griddle pan in an instant using the attachment for modular system accessories. Perfect for amateur barbecue enthusiasts or experienced grilling masters.

Dexter highlights

Ash collector
Jaxon badge

Charcoal barbecue


The charcoal barbecue that’s truly versatile. Whether you prefer to grill, smoke, bake or roast, the JAXON can do it all. This American-style barbecue on wheels comes in two sizes, with a grilling area of 58 x 42.5 cm or 72.5 x 47.5 cm. The cast iron grilling rack with modular system can provide whatever set-up you need for your barbecue. You have constant control of the temperature thanks to the air inlet and outlet control, height-adjustable charcoal drawer and lid thermometer. A large charcoal hatch on the front makes adding extra charcoal easy. And with the ash drawer, the barbecue is effortless to clean. Perfect for amateur barbecue enthusiasts who like to try new things.

JAXON highlights

Modular system (optional)
Cast iron grilling rack
Warming rack
Folding side tables
Lid thermometer
Adjustable charcoal drawer
Ben badge

Charcoal barbecue


The ideal set-up for your big garden party or your football team’s match day. The huge grilling area of the BEN barbecue on wheels – particularly the XL version – can even handle grilling for an entire club. Two separate and height-adjustable grilling racks allow you to create separate grilling and warming areas. The handy side table and the spacious bottom shelf also provide enough space for accessories, food and spare charcoal. Not only that, but the BEN model is designed with large wheels to make it easy to handle and very mobile.

Ben highlights

Adjustable stainless steel racks
Ted badge

Charcoal barbecue


Simple, easy and spontaneous grilling. The chimney effect created in the vertical column allows the charcoal barbecues in the TED series to reach the right temperature quickly. After the charcoal has burned down to embers, you can use the ventilation control and height-adjustable rack to modify the temperature for your grilling. The ash drawer integrated into the pillar base makes the barbecue quick to clean, so it is ready to use again in no time.

Ted highlights

Ventilation control
Height-adjustable grilling rack
Ash drawer
Ryder badge

Charcoal barbecue


Ready for another barbecue? It couldn’t be easier with the RYDER charcoal barbecue. The powder-coated steel body with its classic barrel design is perfect for grilling, light smoking and cooking. It is also highly compact and functional, making it perfect for shared apartments, day-to-day cooking and campervans. This small but mighty piece of kit can be used as a standalone or tabletop barbecue. The carrying handles on the side and folding legs make it highly portable for when you’re out and about – at the park, on the beach or at your holiday home.

RYDER highlights

Folding legs
Charcoal drawer
Enamelled cast iron rack
Darron badge

Charcoal barbecue


Our DARRON model is a wood charcoal barbecue in a scaled-down format. This tabletop product features active ventilation for perfect heat regulation that ensures easy grilling. It also produces practically no smoke, making it the ideal barbecue for your balcony. Compact, portable and easy to clean thanks to the ash drawer, the DARRON is ideally suited to cooking for one or day-to-day cooking.

Darron highlights

Active ventilation
Chrome-plated grilling rack
Ash drawer
Kendrick badge

Wood charcoal barbecue


¡Vamos! The KENDRICK wood charcoal plancha
brings a little Spanish flair into your garden. The plancha ring (in Spanish, “plancha” refers to a hot iron griddle) can be accessed from all round and will immediately become the centrepiece of all your barbecues. Made of solid enamelled cast iron, it features flat, corrugated and open areas for roasting and grilling a huge variety of Mediterranean dishes. It’ll transform cooking and eating with your guests into a communal experience that’s totally on trend.

And when the grilling’s done, the KENDRICK keeps on going. When you’re finished barbecuing, you can turn the base into a brazier for a cosy atmosphere and romantic log fire feel.

Stable steel frame