Combistations –
simply the best.

If you want to keep all your options open, using multiple types of barbecuing or even combining them, a JAMESTOWN combistation is the perfect choice. Our combigrills do it all, combining gas, charcoal and smoking in a single product – so whatever you’re cooking, you’re guaranteed the perfect set-up. From directly grilled steak and gently cooked vegetables to home-smoked fish, anything is possible. And thanks to the gas-operated side cooking area, you can even use your combistation as a stove – for roasting, steaming or simmering any type of side dish.
Turn your garden into an outdoor kitchen!

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Choose our DEAN model and you’ll be choosing flexible, unlimited barbecuing options using gas, charcoal or wood. At the heart of it is a three-burner gas barbecue, separate charcoal grilling area and additional burning compartment that can be used for smoking – for that real American barbecue feel. There is an additional side cooking area available for side dishes and sauces. This multifaceted model is perfect for parties of all sizes.

Dean highlights

Large grilling area
Plenty of shelf space
Side cooking area
Combustion chamber
Charcoal grill surface
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Amaze your neighbours! Our top combigrill model is majestic from every angle. The DRAKE model provides almost a full square metre of grilling space, giving you complete flexibility to barbecue with gas, charcoal or wood. And its fittings are just as extensive, including a three-burner gas barbecue, a separate charcoal grilling area with a height-adjustable charcoal tray, and a smoking compartment that can be used for smoking or as an additional grilling rack. What’s more, the infrared Devil’s Burner on the side reaches temperatures of up to 800°C for an effortless way to prepare the perfect steak. Barbecuing without compromise – for adventurous types.

Drake highlights

Plenty of shelf space
Modular system
Hood with thermometer
Adjustment of the coal bowl
large grill area