Barbecuing with pellets is an experience to savour even before it’s time to tuck into the food. It’s a process that follows the low-and-slow principle – a calm and relaxed style of cooking. Thanks to the relatively low temperatures and the longer cooking times that go hand in hand with this, not only does food turn out tender and juicy, but the process also lends itself perfectly to an easy-going barbecue atmosphere while you wait for the results. Pellet barbecues do not use charcoal, wood or gas as their source of heat – instead, they are fuelled by special hardwood pellets that infuse a delicate, delicious smoky flavour into the food. The pellets are initially ignited by an electrical source, which is why this kind of barbecue needs a power supply. The electrical control system then takes over, automatically feeding in additional pellets through an auger as required. It’s a totally laid-back way to barbecue.

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Pellet barbecues are right on trend due to the sheer variety of options they offer – from smoking, roasting and baking right through to classic barbecuing, they can do it all.

The LANDON pellet barbecue is ideal for long, slow cooking – if you want to rustle up some pulled pork or a juicy roast, for example. And everything is infused with delicate smoky flavours. Thanks to an electrical control system and a core temperature sensor, you maintain full control over the temperature and doneness at all times. The automatic pellet auger ensures that the barbecue is able to take care of the cooking practically by itself. Just make your settings, fire things up and enjoy time you can devote to your guests – or some peace and quiet for yourself.

Highlights Landon

Electrical control system
Solid barbecue chamber
Large pellet storage compartment
Temperature sensor
Smoke outlet
2 m connection cable