Smoker – for food
that’s smoked to perfection

The JAMESTOWN smoker opens the door to an entirely new kind of social outdoor cooking. Unlike traditional barbecuing, dishes are not prepared directly over embers or fire, but cooked indirectly in hot smoke, which is created in a separate burning compartment. The meat is cooked over several hours at gentle temperatures of 90 to 130°C, giving it that inimitable spicy, smoky flavour and a classic tender texture. It’s a unique taste sensation that’s not to be missed.

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Although it might be smaller by comparison, our ALDON model can do everything that a fully fledged smoker does – whether it’s being used for direct or indirect grilling or slow cooking and smoking. The large grilling compartment contains a cast iron grilling rack and a chrome-plated warming rack. You can set the desired temperature using the adjustable air inlet and outlet and keep a constant eye on it using the lid thermometer. If you’re cooking with charcoal, you can even insert another enamelled grilling rack into the burning compartment for direct grilling. The side table and shelf provide enough space for ingredients, drinks and grilling accessories. A genuine smoker for amateur barbecue enthusiasts.

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Stable wheels
Side table and shelf
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This steam-driven powerhouse is sure to make an impression on your friends and neighbours, and not just because of it its solid appearance.

It also allows you to prepare fantastic barbecue specialities using slow smoking, traditional cooking plus direct and indirect grilling methods. From the smoke tube to the large spoked wheels, the entire main body of the CHARLTON is made of steel. Its extra-large grilling compartment, solid cast iron grilling rack and chrome-plated warming oven make it a solid, reliable barbecue partner. A smoker for connoisseurs.


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