When we say something, we mean it – and that’s why JAMESTOWN products come with our promise to deliver the quality you expect. Quality you can rely on. That’s something we achieve thanks to our sturdy designs and materials that are the right thickness, especially where it really counts. Materials like stainless steel, ceramic, enamel and solid cast iron live up to the standards they promise and even make it easier for you to care for your product. Quality at your fingertips.


We do more than just think about materials, however – we also use technology that lives up to our high standards. Take our stationary gas barbecues – equipped with an innovative ignition mechanism, their gas burners are lit quickly and safely by a flame thrower ignition style rather than a single spark. And they even work in extreme weather conditions. They also feature highly durable side tables and a double-hulled hood with a viewing window and heat insulation. The control knobs with LED illumination add an attractive highlight that uses two colours to show the status of the burners: when a burner is in operation, the knob lights up red. It’s all about smart details that make the difference.


The fantastic features found in JAMESTOWN products add up to something truly special, and on top of all that, we have a rigorous quality management system in place, perform regular inspections and ensure our practices meet official standards – all as a matter of course. That’s why we provide a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all JAMESTOWN barbecues. And in the very unlikely event that something does go wrong, we’ve got you covered with our extensive range of spare parts available from OBI. We do all this to make sure we’re giving you the very best value for money and you’re able to keep enjoying your JAMESTOWN barbecue for years to come. Guarantee conditions