Think that charcoal is the only true way to barbecue? Then there’s a whole world just waiting for you to discover. JAMESTOWN gas barbecues offer a whole host of advantages over other methods. Gas works with one twist of the control knob and takes no time at all to get up to the right temperature. Plus, the precision controllers and hood thermometers provided in our gas products allow you to set the heat to exactly the level you want. There’s no smoke to annoy your neighbours, and the results taste just as good as they do on a charcoal barbecue. If you’re still craving more of that traditional smoky quality, however, you can also choose a JAMESTOWN smoking box to add as an optional accessory.

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Gas barbecue


The KNOX gas barbecue is available in two sizes – with three or four separate stainless steel burners. Solidly built, it is uncompromising in its functions and quality. Both KNOX models feature the same sophisticated fittings, including the double-hulled hood with viewing window, illuminated controls and easy-care stainless steel surfaces.
With the integrated infrared Devil’s Burner on the side, which can reach up to 800°C, and a side cooking area, you can amaze your guests with perfect steaks plus delicious sides and sauces in an instant. Whether you’re an amateur barbecue enthusiast or a professional grill master, this barbecue will make all your dreams come true.

Knox highlights

modular system
Cast iron grill grate
fat collection
illuminated regulator
hood with thermometer
perfectly stowed
side cooker
2 large drawers
Back burner

Experience the KNOX Grill

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Developed specifically for the KNOX range of barbecues, our extension modules will help you transform your KNOX barbecue into a complete outdoor kitchen.

No matter which of the four barbecues you choose to create the basis for your setup, and no matter how many modules you want to use, everything – from sink cabinets to adjoining and base cabinets – fits together like a dream and works in perfect harmony, opening up whole new dimensions for your storage space, working area and convenience. Every module is finished to a high standard and features reversible door hinges so you can customise your setup. The sink is ready for installation of a tap of your choice and is easy to connect. And for rainy days, you can use any combination of Jamestown zip covers to keep out the wind and wet.

Highlights KNOX Extension Modules

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Gas barbecue


Whether you’re an ambitious barbecue beginner, an enthusiastic amateur or a grilling expert, the three different sizes of the MADDOX gas barbecue and its fittings open up a range of options so that you can choose something to suit your needs and abilities perfectly.

All of our MADDOX barbecues are built from solid materials with top-quality stainless steel surfaces. Depending on the size, they come with folding side tables (2-burner), a side cooking area (3-burner) or even an infrared Devil’s Burner on the side (4-burner), which reaches up to 800°C so that you can prepare perfect steaks.

Maddox highlights

Modular system
Side cooking area
Cover thermometer
Folding shelf
Perfectly organised:
easy-care stainless steel


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Gas barbecue


The CONOR Special Edition gas barbecue is the perfect choice if you need to get the barbecue going for a crowd. This 4-burner product is a real standout, built from solid materials with top-quality workmanship and featuring all the equipment you need for barbecuing with gas. It comes with a side cooking area for sides and sauces, the JAMESTOWN Devil’s Burner (an infrared side burner that reaches 800°C) for the perfect steaks, a rear burner for spit-roasted dishes, a double-hulled hood with viewing window, and controllers with LED illumination in two colours. A truly versatile piece of kit for barbecuing at its best.


side cooker
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Gas barbecue


Often on the go? The MYLES gas barbecue can go with you. This 2-burner barbecue with a modern trolley design folds up and features including optional cartridge operation make it highly portable. When you’re not taking it to the beach or the park for a barbecue with friends, you can simply stow it neatly away.

MYLES highlights

Cast iron grilling rack
Heat reflector
Highly portable
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Gas barbecue


The BRAXTON 2-burner gas barbecue is a convenient, versatile tabletop barbecue that saves space and is highly portable – and you can even transform it into a free-standing barbecue in no time at all using the base frame, available as an optional accessory. Its design might be compact, but it’s still packed with fantastic features and can even smoke food thanks to the separate smoking burner and integrated smoking box. It’s the perfect choice for single-person households and small families.

BRAXTON highlights

Smoking box
Frame (optional)
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Plancha grill


Choose the PHIL plancha grill for a barbecue experience that’s all-around perfect – literally. The griddle plate spans the full circumference of the unit, making it an enticing centrepiece for your guests. Its on-trend plancha style allows you to grill food indirectly at temperatures reaching as much as 300°C. This barbecue also features a grease trap, stainless steel hood and fold-up side table, and is ideal for small households, large families and shared apartments alike.

Phil highlights

Plancha plate
Side table
Storage area for gas cylinder